Get your body ready for the fall!

Just a few weeks ago we woke up to the singing of the birds, the sun through the windows, the feeling that it was going to be a wonderfully warm day. The beaches were full of connoisseurs and we drank a glass of rosé in the evening while the sun slowly set..

Now is the time to get ready for what fall will bring us. Unfortunately, we notice that the corona virus is not being lectured and that we all have to ensure that we stay healthy and fit to keep the virus out as much as possible. But what do you need to be fit in the fall, what does our body need and more importantly, what do you have to do for thisn?

Immunity and immune system
We all know that it is extremely important to have and maintain a good immune system to ensure that we do not get sick and are more susceptible to the corona virus. OurPro Immunity is packed with vitamin C and has different effects. This healthy antioxidant is normally found in vegetables, fruits, potatoes and meat. It has a beneficial effect on the elasticity of the blood vessels and the flow of your blood. Vitamin C provides a better immune system, so your body is resistant to all viruses that fall brings with it!

Get off that couch!
A big disadvantage of the autumn is that we move less. We are less likely to take the bike, go for a walk less quickly, and make more use of the sofa while enjoying snacks and series. Although we all have a sunny day when it is wonderful to use this last option, it is extremely important to keep motivating yourself to regularly walk around you, visit the gym or the bike. to get those few groceries. A well-known consequence of the autumn is that many of us miss some of the energy that summer brings..

Try thePro Energy! With these energy boost supplements you combat fatigue and ensure that you have more energy throughout the day. In addition, you also have better stamina and an improved focus.

 And then again those vegetables .. We keep saying it.
Yes, it keeps coming back, healthy eating works wonders for your body and mind. We always emphasize that the combination of good and healthy food with additional nutritional supplements is the key to a healthy and fit body. Fair is fair, if you work full time, have a family at home, want to exercise, still have to iron and clean the toilet, you do not always feel like cooking extensively and you prefer to prepare a quick meal. However, there are a huge number of recipes that can be prepared in no time, or dishes that become tastier if you leave them for a day and thus make on a quiet day, such as lasagna, or a tasty quiche! Do let us know if you would like to receive healthy, quick recipes!n!